Xtremepush Builds Engagement for Betting in the Upcoming Football Season

September 9, 2020

Operators are looking to strengthen sports betting engagement after many months of world sports shutdown.

Xtremepush Head of Sales for Sports Betting and Gaming, Victor Sevciuc, suggested that operators’ focus should be to reactivate and retain bettors in the European market to achieve a successful ending to 2020.

Xtremepush are exhibitors at the SBC  Summit Barcelona - Digital, taking place right now, and their challenging role is to get sports betting back on track to inspire punters who have been inactive for many months.  

Sevciuc explained that it was almost like starting from scratch when European Soccer Leagues were starting up again, however, he went on to commend the many great TV campaigns which help bettors reconnect with sports events around the world.

Reactivating punters was no mean feat, with vigorous campaigns designed to target the individual bettor’s favourite sports, teams, type of bets, and even how often they tended to place wagers. These personalised advances were sophisticated and designed to hit their mark all at an extremely fast pace.

The goal is to create interest and “real-time, event-triggered engagement” in this period when sports events are still played without spectators.