Washington Redskins name change, with a choice of 12 likely contenders

July 7, 2020

The name Washington Redskins has been receiving bad press over the years due to its negative racial connotations. It has been even more topical of late, due to recent police brutality in the news.


Although requests for a change of name have been ignored in the past, the owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder, last Friday claimed he will be considering a new name. The team put out a statement saying that due to recent events and feedback from their community, they have decided to proceed with a full review of their name, which will formalise the discussions they have been having with the NFL in past weeks.


There is a comprehensive list of names under discussion, one popular contender is The Washington Redtail's, after the African-American pilot sin WWIII who were nicknamed the Redtail's.


Other names on the list include the Presidents with the best odds at +300 followed by the Generals, the Lincolns, the Americans, the Kings, the Memorials, the Capitols, the Veterans, the Jefferson's, the Roosevelts, the Monuments and finally the Arlington's with the highest betting odds of +1000.Fed-Ex, the team’s sponsors, are pushing for the review.