Tom Brady Helps Antonio Brown Secure the Bag

January 8, 2021

There’s been no hiding the fact that Tom Brady is all-in on ensuring that Antonio Brown enjoys a successful NFL career. After returning from suspension in October, Brown linked up again with Brady in Tampa Bay.


Brown signed a one-year contract with a base salary worth $1 million. On top of this, the deal included a $250,000 incentive linked to Brown’s on-field performances - finishing the season with 45 catches.


Coming into the Buccaneers week 17 fixture against the Atlanta Falcons, Brown needed 11 catches to receive the $250kbonus. Going into the final 15 minutes of play, it was unlikely that Brown would reach the target as he had only four catches in the game.


Brown continued to persevere through the final quarter but had only managed another four catches. With two minutes left in the game, Brown needed 3 catches, and luckily his QB is always team-friendly Tom Brady.


Instead of taking a knee and running out the clock, Brady threw three very short passes to Brown including a screen, followed by two shovel passes that ‘travelled’ about one-foot each helping Brown get that bag!