Tom Brady cements his amazing legacy with another Super Bowl win!

February 8, 2021

Millions of people worldwide tuned in on Sunday to watch one of the biggest events in the 2021 sporting calendar, the Super Bowl, and what a win it was for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!


This was Bucs second Super Bowl victory in franchise history. The Raymond James Stadium in Florida went on fire as Tampa Bay’s Brady captured the record for his seventh Super Bowl championship.


Brady threw three touchdowns in the first half and his Buccaneers defense team kept old friend Patrick Mahomes out of the end zone! NFL experts praised Brady on his future in the NFL and Brady commented, "We're coming back. You already know that,” in his postgame interview.


43 year-old Brady collected the MVP trophy alongside his three children, after playing one of his best games, taking all and everything the Kansas City Chiefs threw at him.


Seemingly, The Chiefs made one mistake after another and the final score at touchdown was Buccaneers beats Chiefs 31-9.