The worst division in football has its champ

January 4, 2021

In recent years, the NFC East has been arguably the worst division in football. The 2020 edition takes it to new heights. Heading into the final weak of the regular season, the teams stood as follows:

  1. Washington 6-9
  2. Cowboys 6-9
  3. Giants 5-10
  4. Eagles 4-10-1


It was all on the line; Washington needs awin over the Eagles for their first division title since 2015. If they lose, the spoils go to the winner of the Cowboys-Giants game.


The crazy mess that is week 17 made for the perfect season-ending for a ridiculously pathetic division - a far cry from the NFC East’s dominance in the late 80s and early90s.


With the dust and adrenaline settling in the final game, football’s worst division has now crowned its weak champion. Congratulations to Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team. Their 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles sends them into the playoffs and makes the Giants 23-19 win against the Cowboys irrelevant.


It’s unlikely they go on a run, but after 2020 - we’ve learned anything’s possible - even an ironic SuperBowl featuring the 7-10 Football Team against the 15-2 Chiefs!