The Value of Betting Prediction Sites, Are They Worth a Try?

September 25, 2020

Betting prediction sites have been around since time immemorial, but they are not always ‘value for money’.


These sites are usually aimed at bettors that are new to the game and are in need of some guidance. These novice gamblers are often on a losing streak and think that a prediction site will be the answer to their problems.


Many of these sites claim to use computer-generated predictions, especially for the outcomes of sporting events, whereas other sites use their own ‘sports guru’ who is supposedly adept at projecting the outcomes.


These ‘tout’ services, as they are known, are not always run by professionals from the sports betting industry. Just about anyone can set up shop and make predictions based on their own inexperienced predictions and can profit greatly from it at the same time.


The sites ask for subscriptions upfront and target gamblers that have little knowledge or time to do research of their own. The real fact of the matter is that unless you are winning 60% of your bets, you will not make any profit at all after you pay for the services of these companies.