The NFL and Clubhouse have teamed up

April 26, 2021

The most recent indication of progress is that Clubhouse and America's most successful institution is about to join forces. As of Monday, the NFL will host a series of rooms on the live audio app with pre-draft player analysis, mock draft, and a chat and among other things.

This is Clubhouse's first collaboration with a major sports league, it has recently been estimated at $4 billion and is invite-only and only available on iOS. 


After its launch in March 2020, the app has received over 10 million downloads, indicating huge success.


The live audio is in full swing on most social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook ,Discord, LinkedIn, and Slack have all released their live audio items since Clubhouse debuted. 


Spotify, which competes with Clubhouse in this market, is pushing hard into sports-related audio. Last year, it paid nearly $200 million for The Ringer and its extensive podcast network, as well as Locker Room, a live audio hub.

Last year's "virtual draft" produced more than 55 million viewers over three days, turning it the most-watched NFL Draft ever.


Now all the NFL League and Clubhouse need are for fans to be as enthusiastic about debating the next generation of NFL players and watching them perform.