Sportsbetting Operators Directory Launched by Propus Partners

July 15, 2020

Bookies Matrix is the name of a new portal that finds information on licensed sports betting operators from all over the world. The directory was launched by sports betting consultancy Propus Partners with the aim of helping suppliers and operators, be they experienced or not, gain a greater understanding of the marketplace.


The directory has collected an impressive amount of data on all operator brands globally, such as the kinds of licenses they have, the relative size of the operator within their jurisdiction, the platforms, the providers of streaming and virtual platforms, odds, product information as well as the types of sports and margins they offer.


The information will be updated on a continual basis in line with changes occurring in the market, such as newcomers to the sports betting industry, new products, expired licenses, and additions to the online arena.


One of the partners at Propus Partners, MarkIsraney said how they had been collecting a ‘huge amount of data regarding the sports betting industry over the last three years”. They realised during theCOVID-19 crisis that businesses in their network needed ”intelligence of the industry outside of their local markets”, and a subscription to Bookies Matrixwas the answer.