Soccer Stadium soon to be In-Stadium Casino

March 31, 2021

Real Madrid has planned to build a casino inside their famous stadium by summer 2023, and it is predicted to generate more than €120 million in revenue. The stadium originally opened in 1947, with a current capacity of 81,044. It has been the home stadium of Real Madrid for many years - it's been a long time coming for its new and improved revamping. 


The In-Stadium Casino has been named by club president Florentino Pérez – "Santiago Bernabéu of the future"


The stadium's renovation and soon-to-be casino are estimated to cost around €575 million. 


Each corner of the stadium will be used wisely to generate extra cash, and the modified Santiago Bernabeu stadium will give customers a high-class futuristic modern feel. 


It will feature a full-service entertainment center, including an excellent onsite restaurant, museum, space for tours and several shops, and an event space for players to entertain their guests. 


The stadium will also include 360-degree television screens, with video scoreboards, giving the fans the ultimate eye-catching content during live matches.  


The ongoing expansion of legalized gambling means teams can incorporate the experience to place a bet and be part of the fan experience.