Sara Slane, One Time Casino Lobbyist Invests in Sports Betting Startup

August 14, 2020

Sara Slane, One Time Casino Lobbyist Invests in Sports Betting Start up

A new and exciting start up called Simple bet is set to turn sports betting on its head with “innovative in-play, micro-market products.”


Slane is a former casino lobbyist and senior vice president of public affairs at the AGA has invested in the B2B sports betting start up and runs her own consulting company called Slane Advisory.


The idea behind the new start up is to create many more betting options, in particular through in-game Micro-Markets which focus on specific moments in sporting events, like the result of a Major League Baseball pitcher’s pitch or the number of yards of play an NFL game will go.


Simple bet’s idea is to use “machine learning automation” to create these unique betting moments in sporting events. Chris Bevilaqua, the CEO of Simple bet, stated “In-play betting, and more specifically, Micro-Markets, which are bets tied to discrete moments in sporting events, are the way of the future,”


Slane, known as the face of legal sports betting, agrees, calling it a ‘gamechanger.’ She believes that this type of in-play, live and instant result betting “will convert casual sports fans to sports bettors while capturing more revenue from existing users.”