Retired NFL player comments on some of the struggles of post-retirement life

February 18, 2021

Former NFL wide receiver Greg Camarillo shared a thread describing the physical toll and identity and mental health issues faced by former football players in retirement.

Camarillo previously played for the Chargers, Dolphins, Vikings, and Saints and is a Stanford Cardinal alum.

He started off playing college football at Stanford. He was signed by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent back in 2005. Camarillo also played for the Miami Dolphins.

As well as being most notable for his game-winning 64-yard touchdown reception from Cleo Lemon against the Baltimore Ravens on December 16, 2007; Greg is also a proud husband & father.

Greg shared his recent battles with the world on Twitter stating, "Football players struggle when our careers are over. It's hard. We have been football players for years. It's what we do, what we know, and a big part of who we are. And then it's gone. A big part of our identity lost."

He went on to mention – "Football is the ultimate team sport. We are taught to bury our problems and pains for the benefit of the team. In a game, that works. In life, that's dangerous. The mentality of 'suck it up' or 'fight through it' doesn't work in real life."

Life after NFL is a challenge for many veteran players. All retirees agree that it takes at least three to five years to find a niche after Football. This is a welcome reminder to everyone that it doesn't hurt to reach out to a friend when in need.