Rafael Nadal Wins His 13th Roland Garros Title, and Beats Novak Djokovic in French Open

October 12, 2020

Nadal has joined the ranks of Roger Federer by winning his 20th men’s Grand Slam title this weekend at the French Open. The victory was a stunning near-perfect three set performance, 6 - 0, 6 - 2, 7 - 5,the first time all year that Djokovic, the no. 1 seed, lost a completed match.


Nadal was on fire from the start, breaking Djokovics serve every time in the first set. Nadal was able to pre-empt his opponents thoughts as well as his serve and managed the minimum number of only2 unforced errors in the first set, and a mere 14 in the entire match.


Nadal has only lost the Roland Garros twice in his career, once to his Serb rival, in 2016. Djokovic had also beaten the Spaniard in 3 Grand Slams matches most recently played against each other, making Nadal’s victory even sweeter.


Nadal, Djokovic and Federer are locked in a three-way contest to see who achieves the most major victories in their careers. Djokovic is now lagging behind the other two, with 18 as opposed to his two rivals, who have an equal 20.