Plans Have been Temporarily Dropped for a Sports Betting Parlour at Former Cherry Hill Racetrack

September 18, 2020

A court battle over the proposal for a sports betting parlour at the old Cherry Hill racetrack has seen plans shelved, at least for the time being.

The court hearing at the Cherry Hill Towne Centre over the project’s future is delayed for the time being, due to the COVID pandemic as well as certain restrictions imposed by the government.

So far the lawsuit against the previous operators of the racetrack GSPR has been dropped. The Cherry Tree Towne Centre felt the racetrack’s claim to have exclusive gambling rites on the property was not enforceable. The judge approved this move to suspend the lawsuit, however, it can be re-opened at a future date under certain circumstances.

GSPR claims to have had a covenant in place since 1999 which sees them have the rights to all gambling activities and all forms of gaming exclusively. Cherry Hill Towne Centre, however, argues that they can operate under the Sports Wager Act of New Jersey which permits betting inside the Garden State Park Racetrack’s oval which is part of the sports betting parlours’ intended site. The litigation will no doubt continue in the future.