Peter Foster, Well Known Australian Conman, Arrested Over Alleged Sports Betting Scam

August 21, 2020

The notorious Aussie conman is once again at the centre of controversy, this time over a sports betting scam involving an Asian businessman. He is currently being detained in Port Douglas before being extradited to NSW to face charges.

Ken Gamble, head of an international company, IFW Global, that targets fraud and cybercrime was alerted by the victim who is now looking to recoup his investment. It is alleged that Foster was running a sports trading operation under a false name.

Foster was eventually tracked down in Port Douglas after many weeks of investigation by Gamble and the Queensland police force, culminating in Foster’s arrest last Thursday. IFW and Foster have a history, that dates back to 2014, the firm had been hired by a media company to track down the well-known fraudster over similar charges.

You may remember Foster as having been the ‘financial advisor’ that assisted the then Prime Minister’s wife Cherie Blair purchase two discounted apartments. The Blairs denied all involvement, which included assisting Foster with a deportation case.

Another of Foster’s scams involved a million-dollar weight-loss fraudulent operation which also saw him thrown in jail.