NHL and the AGA join teams to promote responsible gambling

November 2, 2020

The National Hockey League has partnered up with the American Gaming Association to push their new campaign to promote responsible gambling.


Called ‘Have A Game Plan: Bet Responsibly’, the campaign comes as online sports betting takes off in the United States of America with sports gambling being legalized in more and more parts of the country.


NHL becomes the second major sporting organization to join the campaign, following NACAR joining AGA on the public service campaign in September.


The campaign comes at a time when more fans are participating in sports gambling, which makes it essential to promote responsible gambling. Sports gambling is big business for leagues and teams, and while the money this brings can be lucrative, it is great to see the NHL helping assist fans in promoting an enjoyable experience.


NHL business director Keith Wachtel echoed that the NHL is all-in on providing fans with the best experience. Going further to say, “ensuring that our passionate fans know how to participate in this exciting new opportunity is important. And, we are excited to work with AGA to share the responsibility for this dignified awareness”.