NFL Commissioner Encourages Teams to Sign Colin Kaepernick Once More

June 17, 2020

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, recently mentioned that he will try and coax NFL teams into signing Kaepernick again. He confessed that he cannot make up his mind to re-sign the recruit, however, he would welcome Colin back with open arms.

The motivation for this came about at George Floyd's funeral where Rev. Al Sharpton bashed the NFL Commissioner to give Kaepernick his job back. Sharpton went on to say that Goodell shouldn't apologise after four years to say that he's sorry and that he should simply allow the recruit back into the NFL fold. Kaepernick got kicked out of the NFL for protesting against the board and its owners whereby he accused them of attempting to keep him out of the NFL. He then went on to withdraw his grievance in early 2019 after reading a confidential statement from the NFL.

As it currently stands, Kaepernick's net-worth is estimated at around $20 million, taking into account his past NFL contracts, his endorsements and the legal battle with the NFL. At this stage, fans and supporters eagerly await the outcome of whether Kaepernick would be re-assigned to one of the teams.