Brooklyn Nets beat Boston Celtics

March 12, 2021

The NBA action returned last night, and the fans were ready for an epic matchup between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving embraced his ex-Boston Celtics teammates to lead his team to a third straight win – and what a victory it was. Both groups showed massive respect for Kyrie Irving as the Brooklyn Nets ended the Celtics' winning run.

The latest result came in last night, in front of over a thousand fans and on the first anniversary of the NBA closing its doors for over four months due to a positive COVID-19 test for Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert.

Irving shot 15 of 23 from the floor and hit two clutch 3-pointers in the final 3:14. Irving gained 40 points by slamming two free throws with 1:42 and left to make it 118-109. His fifth 40-point game as a Net; what a triumph as he added eight rebounds to the game and finished with three assists.

As soon as the game was over, Irving hugged his former teammates before walking off the floor.

"Big surprise to a lot of people," Irving said. "All that s--- talking about me and all the relationships I have with every former teammate of mine."

The Nets managed to pull away late in the game to finally seal the deal with a final score of the Boston Celtics 109 - 121 Brooklyn Nets.