Midnite Cuts Ties with Third-party That Created Offending Ad

December 9, 2021

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom has fined Midnite for the advertisement, claiming that it represented gambling addiction as acceptable.

After careful consideration, ASA determined that the complaint was valid and that the advertisement was irresponsible on two points. The commercial promoted esports with the following message: “Top tier eSports for UK games … Crazy odds Huge Wins Blitz payouts.” To compound matters, another part of the ad read: “I’m so hooked on CS:GO bets rn I’ve been making the craaaaaziest calls.”

The advertisement portrayed and encouraged a socially irresponsible gaming experience, according to ASA, which analysed the material and posted specifics about the specific parts that the regulator considered offensive.

Dribble Media, the company that owns Midnite, accepted the judgement and claimed that it had hired a third-party firm that had failed to meet the company's key requirements.

Dribble Media stated that action had been taken and that the partner in question will no longer be used to perform services for the company. Midnite is a promising newcomer to the esports betting market, backed by a slew of industry heavyweights and formed by GVC Holdings and Betfair executives.

Midnite is committed to provide a top-of-the-line betting product and has decided to operate in the UK market, where it can fully explore its potential and produce a product that is still in its early stages but has a bright future.