Michael Jordan Teams Up with Sports Betting Service Company DraftKings

September 4, 2020

Undoubtedly one of the biggest and most successful sports athletes ever, Michael Jordan, has joined the sports betting services company, DraftKings in an advisory role. Allegedly, Jordan is also going to be investing an undisclosed amount in the company.


The one-time professional basketball player, the 6-time winner of the NBA, is presently the owner and chairman of the North Carolina Charlotte Hornets Basketball team. In this new role, Jordan will bring his vast business experience and acumen to strategically advise and council the DraftKings’ board of directors.

DraftKings CEO and co-founder, Jason Robins, is excited to welcome Jordon to the team, saying that he is an important figure in the culture of sport who redefines the “modern athlete and entrepreneur”.


This year, DraftKings stock has risen by 260%due to the increased online presence of sports enthusiasts through COVID-19.The company showed its ability to ride the storm and succeed despite the shutdown of sporting events. DraftKings became a public company only 5 months ago, in April 2020, however, they sustained substantial losses in the first half of the year, as bottom-line success eluded them.