Leo Margets Secures First WSOP Bracelet, Wins $376K Prize

November 26, 2021

Last week, Leo Margets became the first woman to win a WSOP bracelet. She took first place in the $1,500 The Closer tournament, earning the bracelet and a cool $370,000.

Leo Margets Takes Home First WSOP Bracelet

The Spanish players competing in the WSOP had a fantastic week last week. Leo Margets won her first WSOP bracelet the next day, after Adrian Mateos won his fourth WSOP bracelet by winning the $250,000 Super High Roller on Saturday.

Margets took first place in WSOP Event #83: $1,500. The competition called "Closer." She won $376,850 in that tournament, as well as a WSOP bracelet. She is one of only two women to receive a bracelet this year, as the tournament winner. Lara Eisenberg won her first WSOP bracelet in October when she placed first in WSOP Event #22: Ladies Championship.

$1,500 in total A total of 1,900 people entered the Closer tournament. Considering the $1,500 buy-in, the total prize pool was $2.5 million. Only the first 274 players won a prize, and only the top four were eligible for a six-figure payment, according to the WSOP.

Margets’ Win May Motivate More Women to Play Poker

Margets had to beat a field of seasoned poker pros to win the tournament, and none of them were willing to give up without a fight. Joao Simao and Alex Kulev, as well as Michael Wang and Chris Moorman, were among her opponents. With that in mind, UK pro Moorman made the top ten, but finished eighth and brought home a reward of $44,470. Aleksandr Shevliakov was the sixth player to strike the rail. The Russian player won $57,525 and was followed by Cherish Andrews, who came in sixth place. Andrews was awarded a prize of $74,680.

Arturo Segura was the player who finished sixth. Marc Lange of Germany came in second and won a prize of $97,865. Lange came in fourth place and took home $129,460. Stephen Song of the United States was the second player to be eliminated, finishing in third place. His winnings totaled $172,855.

Alex Kulev and Margets were the last two players in the heads-up encounter. Kulev, a Bosnian pro, had a huge chip lead, but he was eventually eliminated by Margets. He took home $376,850 for finishing second.

Margets recently told PokerNews that winning a WSOP bracelet is significantly more difficult for a woman. She admitted that one of the main reasons is because there aren't many ladies that play poker. According to Margets, her victory may inspire more women to play poker. According to the Hendon Mob, Margets has already earned $1.6 million from poker events, counting her most recent win.