LA Lakers Win NFA Championship Beating Miami Heats 106 - 93.

October 13, 2020

The longest and most turbulent season in the history of NBA ended on Sunday with the Lakers marching to victory in a 13point lead over the Miami Heats.


It was LeBron James’ fourth championship and he was undoubtedly the shining star of the match scoring a 28 point tripledouble,14 rebounds and 10 assists.


2020 had its share of disasters for everyone but the Lakers seemed to be at the centre of every major storm imaginable. Aside from the pandemic, being placed in the ‘bubble’ and a geopolitical crisis’, the death of one of their legends was the final straw.


They came out with a 4-2 win out of the 6 game series and they certainly saved the best for last in their 6th game. Aside from James’, who is at the top of his game at age 35 years of age, Davis also did the team proud.  


The game outcome was never in any doubt after the Lakers lead by 30 points in the first half of the game. The NBA were proud of the way they handled the leagues bubble experiment resulting in no COVID cases on campus.