James Harden starts the countdown for a collision course with Rockets.

December 18, 2020

The eight-time All-Star has made it clear he wants out from the Houston Rockets. The addition of John Wall in the trade with Washington Wizards did not affect keeping Harden in Houston either.


It’s been a challenging offseason for the team. Harden declined an extension that would make him the first player to make$50 million per year.


On top of turning down the mammoth contract, Harden played ‘holdout’ and missed part of the Rockets training camp and two pre season games.


Instead of joining the team, he holed up in Las Vegas and Atlanta. In a recent press conference, Harden noted he travelled to train with his personal trainers.


Harden has joined the team in Houston but continues to push for a trade. In his first preseason game, Harden looked‘ heavier’ and out of shape.


While it’s odd that Harden joins the team out of shape instead of holding out, Fox Sports Nick Wright pointed out that“ Harden cares too much about his legacy & numbers to just mail it in”.


Luckily for Harden and his weight, his game revolves around a three-step drop back and shoot.