Instagram launches Live Rooms!

March 2, 2021

Yesterday Instagram announced its new live-streaming feature to enable up to four separate users to stream at the same time.

The social media platform, owned by Facebook, hopes that expanding the number of people allowed on a stream will increase the overall number of users, saying it will help promote podcasts and offer a new way for friends and family to come together during these difficult times. 

The feature sounds fantastic and very handy for hanging out with loved ones while interacting with audiences, participating in events, and collaborating on creative projects.

Instagram said that live views in the US jumped by 70% from February to March last year when the World Health Organization labeled the outbreak a pandemic and stay-at-home and work-from-home regulations first came into effect.

The new feature is now accessible via the Instagram camera, where users will be able to choose the Live option and then tap a new Rooms icon to add their personally selected guests. How exciting! 

Will you use the new feature?