Houston… Do we have another problem?

November 13, 2020

The past NBA season was full of disruptions, controversy and storylines but the offseason is bouncing as the league announces a quick turnaround for the new 2020/2021 season. The NBA and the Players Association struck a deal on a 72-game schedule commencing December 22.


While this has been an enduring offseason for teams that didn’t make it to the Disney World playoff bubble. It means the Lakers and Heat will have to recover with the shortest offseason in history adjust seven weeks and the start of camp on December first.


All the drama is coming out of one particular location though, which has us asking - Houston, do we have a problem?


The Athletic is reporting that sources have shared insight to the locker room at the Rockets, hinting that Russell West brook wants out of Houston already.


There have been big changes already for the Rockets - moving on from head coach Mike D’Antoni and GM Daryl Morey but it appears that Russ is uneasy with the culture and the team’s accountability.


If Russ does want out, it might be hard with his contract owing $131 million over the next three years.