Home is Where the Heart is: PG gets paid in LA

December 11, 2020

After a disappointing finish to last season, the Los Angeles Clippers have ticked off a big item on their to-do list. Locking down Paul George to a max contract extension.


George’s agent Aaron Mintz said the deal is worth as high as $226 million in guaranteed money over the next five years. However, the extension doesn’t tip in until before the 2021-22 NBA season.


The deal makes a lot of sense given George had a rollercoaster ride in the postseason, and his trade value had diminished. The deal gives him security long-term and max money.


It also means LA won’t have to worry about Kawhi Leonard’s number two ditching them next offseason.


Before the extension, George had hinted that he hopes to finish out his career. During his first media session of the upcoming season, George said: “I want to retire a Clipper”.


The deal locks George in but also increases his trade value. It will be easier for LA to source a trade partner as potential teams would not have to worry about George leaving after on season for free agency.