Get Expert Picks and Winning Results with the Launch of ‘Sports Bet Expert’!

September 2, 2020

A new live mobile sports betting platform is now available to help individuals get bigger pay-outs through accurate information and expert predictions. The Sports Bet Expert boasts more than25,000 customers internationally, and with a few documented championship predictions under their belt, they are set to become a great asset to sports bettors all over the world.


Their secret weapon is a combination of professional information combined with algorithms and analytics, which, when put together, can deliver some lucrative wins. They have already recorded winning streaks of 14, 15, and 16 straight wins resulting in big pay-outs on championship predictions.


Founder and owner Peter John Anadio was quoted as saying that sports betting was not only fun entertainment but also a profitable investment and that their system creates an approach to better betting habits. He went on to add that patience was the key to success in sports betting regardless of where you are or how much you bet.  


‘Sports Bet Expert’ have also put in place a Money Management System which helps bettors keep their wins together in one place so you can keep a track of your top picks.