Empty Stadiums Impact Sports Betting in the United States

August 3, 2020

Most live sporting events have been postponed or completely cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those that have proceeded have kept stadiums free of fans, not allowing spectators to attend in person due to strict social distancing rules.


The games that have been allowed to proceed are played by the most talented athletes in front of a small film crew and coach team, but the tens of thousands of seats remain empty. The big question is, how will this situation affect the lucrative ever-growing sports betting industry?


Many US states such as New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, and more have now legalised online and offline sports betting. There is no doubt that not being allowed to watch live events has been a real excitement killer not to mention an economic hit for the $8 Billion industry.


On a brighter note, fans are finding novel ways of beaming sporting matches into their homes. Online sports betting is pulling its weight by catering to a whole new segment of keen customers. Thanks to digital gambling platforms, particularly on mobile phones, fans can look forward to a new way of enjoying their favourite games.