Dolphins players not confident in Tua Tagovailoa as QB in Miami

January 15, 2021

Anonymous reports are breaking that certain players are not confident in the ability of rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoaas the future of the franchise. These reports came after the Dolphins unexpectedly benched NFL journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick throughout the season for Tagovailoa and had their second winning record in the past 12 seasons - in the second year of head coach Brian Flores.


It is clear that Tagovailoa has incredible accuracy on throws, but criticism stems from his lack of an ‘it’ factor that is needed to excel in the NFL and keep up with the league’s best QB talents.


The anonymous comments reported to the Miami Herald were linked to three players in the team. However, they suggested that while they don’t believe Tua is the key to moving forward - they haven’t given up hope.


With the team’s future in mind, if the Dolphins have any hope of challenging the Buffalo Bills in the new-look AFC East, Tua needs to develop his professional game. His rookie season was full of back-and-forth inconsistencies, at least it works in his favor working alongside a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick in the QB room.