Deshaun Watson appears done in Houston, eyeing a trade

January 11, 2021

It appears more likely that there’s a messy divorce on the cards for the Houston Texans.


This offseason was always going to be an important one for the Texans. They fired their GM and head coach Bill O’Brien during the season, and there’s been plenty of talk around whether star JJ Watt would move on.


Houston’s narrative has taken a turn for the worse with trade buzz and speculation coming out about star quarterback Deshaun Watson’s feelings with the team.


Unfortunately, Watson’s recent contract is worth a cool $156 million but features a ‘no-trade clause’, but that doesn’t write off a trade completely. Watson could be difficult and force the Texans to make a trade.


Watson was the passing leading this year despite the Texans trading his star receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for pocket change.


Despite his on-field performances, Watson is unhappy with the consistent failings in decision making at the team. It was believed that Watson could provide feedback in the hiring process for the Texans’ next GM and head coach, but the hiring of GM Nick Caserio would suggest this wasn’t the case.