Canada’s Trudeau Calls Emergency Parliament Recess Leaving Sports Betting Bill C-221 in Limbo

August 26, 2020

Legislation for the sports betting marketplace in Canada has undergone further delays with the progress of Bill C-221 ‘The Safe & Regulated Sports Act’. The Bill was apparently awaiting its secondary readings when the Trudeau’s Liberal Party recessed parliament until September 23rd.


It is the third attempt to obtain the framework for single sports wagering in Canada. Brian Masse, the Windsor West Ontario representative, has been a long time advocate of sports betting and authored the Bill which was submitted in February 2019. Members of Parliament were to support the most recent instruction to allow for regulated wagering with US pro leagues entering the Canadian sporting arena.


After many delays, frustrations are running high. Masse said “We were promised in this past election that sports betting …would be an easy one to get done and here we are a year later, more problems, more delays,” The Canadian Gaming Association, CGA, have been seeking the US and Canadian pro sports leagues’ support to set up a sports betting federally approved framework.


The re-opening of parliament at the end of September will bring a new legislative agenda regarding Bill C-221.