California Authorities Halt The Legalisation of Sports Betting This Year

June 23, 2020

Just two years after the US Supreme Court ruled that the various states are to allow sports betting, there has been some political issues in terms of various gambling interests that has left California in a stalemated position recently.


Although sports betting is legalised in several neighbouring states such as New Jersey, New York and Oregon, the idea has somewhat been watered down in the state of California. This is exactly where the Native American tribes have clashed with card clubs in terms of how they are to share the region’s biggest gambling market. The tribes operate more than60 casinos and have their own interests at heart.


As it turns out, Sen. Bill Dodd mentions that there was over enough time to finalise any negotiations on the matter to get a sports betting measure on the November ballot. As a result of the uncertainties in the state, he moves on to shelf the legislation for the year 2020.


We will have to wait till next year to see if any decisions or discussions made now and then will result in any significant changes for the state of California and the sports betting niche.