70th Anniversary Grand Prix won by Max Verstappen at Silverstone

August 10, 2020

It was a tense battle for Grand Prix victory with Redbull’s Max Verstappen snatching first place from Mercedes favourite Lewis Hamilton. The win was a shock to all, with Hamilton saying the win was "definitely unexpected". It was the first loss for the Mercedes team for 2020 who struggled with overheating tyres, allowing Verstappen to grab first place.


Initially, Valtteri Bottas was following in second place but in the final laps, Hamilton charged into second place leaving a disappointed Bottas to come in third. Charles Le Clerc from Ferrari was happy with his fourth-place position, compared with his teammate Vettel who came in12th place.


Although a frustrating end to the 2020 World Championship, Hamilton still managed to match Michael Schumacher’s impressive feat of taking 155 formula one podiums in his career thus far. The Mercedes driver was gracious in defeat stating, "It was a massive challenge, congratulations to the Red Bull team and to Max. They definitely didn't have the qualms we had today”.


Bottas admitted their own strategy was “far from ideal” and felt they were not on the ball at the time Max managed to surge ahead.